If you want to improve your golf swing, the best and quickest way is to have instruction and tuition in the form of golf lessons from a professional. A PGA professional is trained to diagnose faults accurately and offer constructive tips and advice to help a golfer swing the club better. Friends may well try to help if they see someone struggling at the range, but often a golfer will waste time without an accurate diagnosis. The best person to see when you’re ill is a doctor, the best person to see if you want to improve your swing is golf pro. The pro at your local club will offer different types of lessons, individual group and video, so which one is best for you?


PGA professional
PGA professional

Individual Golf Lessons with a PGA Pro

If you are worried about your golf swing, the best help you can get is an individual golf lesson for half an hour with a pro. The prices of a lesson can easily be obtained by phoning your local club. An individual lesson might be the most expensive at approximately 30 dollars or 25 pounds for half an hour, and some pros may charge more, but an accurate diagnosis from a pro will improve your swing the quickest. Sometimes, if a problem is complicated, a pro might well suggest a video lesson, which is the best way to appreciate the swing fault.


Benefit from Individual Tuition or Lessons

Rather like a formula one driver reporting back to the mechanics about the performance of his car on the track, or explaining the symptoms of an ailment accurately to a doctor, before a lesson, have in your mind what worries you about your golf swing. ‘I’m worried about hitting the ball in the air’ – ‘I want to get rid of my slice’ – ‘I top shots on the course’.

Do not guess at the reasons behind the faults, the pro will sort that out, just explain what is happening with your golf shots. The ‘one to one’ attention you will receive during an individual lesson from a pro will sort out the problem.

Individual lessons are best for golfers who have played on the course and are fairly experienced. If you are someone beginning the game, having an individual lesson from a pro is rather like going to see a private doctor about a common cold.


Group Instruction Lessons with a Professional

  • Golfers who are beginning the game are best suited to a series of group lessons from a pro or the assistant pro.
  • Rather than the emphasis being on an accurate diagnosis of golf swing faults, the emphasis during a group lesson is on learning new skills.
  • Learning in a group can not only be more fun, and less expensive, but seeing the swing attempts of others can help reinforce what you are trying to do.

Having a group lesson is also a great way to meet golfers who are playing at the same level. Many golfers who meet people during a group lesson stay golfing friends for life.

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